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Let The Sun Do The Work : Going Solar Simplified

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Solar Water Heating Systems

We provide the latest in solar water heating system technology with fair, upfront and honest pricing! 

How It Works

Solar water heating involves utilizing a solar thermal collector to warm water using the sun’s energy. For solutions in various climates and latitudes, a range of designs are offered at different costs. For household and some industrial applications, SWHs are frequently employed. Solar thermal collectors are used to convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy for heating water. This system, which functions as a solar geyser, combines a number of technologies.

Sunny South Africa - A perfect region to utilise solar water heating systems to make a huge difference in heating and cooling of water

Solar Water Heating

Switch to solar geyser today and enjoy Eskom free water heating tomorrow. Let the sun do the work and save from day one!

The geyser is by far one of the biggest electricity guzzlers and installing a solar water geyser can dramatically reduce your energy consumption. Make the most of the sun energy to lower your montly power bills and save the planet buy reducing your carbon footprint.

You can reduce up to 60% of electricity by replacing your electric geysers with solar ones.

Solar Geyser Solutions

Delsat Solar assures quick, easy and reliable supply and installation of solar geyser systems. We are just a call away to help you choose which Solar Geyser is best for you. So, hurry up and call now!

• Solar Geyser Conversion!
• Retrofit - Split System!
• Direct System
• In-Direct System

Its Time To Upgrade

• Reduce Your Bills - saves you loads of money
• Add Value - upgrade your property value
​• Save The Planet - less demand for fossil fuels
• Energy Management - load shedding will not have such a great effect

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    Let The Sun Do The Work : Going Solar Simplified